My Favourite Game: Ipswich Town

My Favourite Game is on schedule for publication on 29 September 2017 and should be available soon after.

Thirteen very different Ipswich Town supporters write about their favourite games. From the sublime, when Ipswich beat Bolton in the 2000 play-off semi-finals to a near riot at Millwall in 1978, and including classic games against Norwich and Sheffield United, this book shows how it’s not our greatest victories as a football club that stay in our hearts, but other values, less tangible than silverware: love, family, friendship & sport.

The contributors to this book are, first and foremost, Ipswich Town fans, writing as fans, but as well as those making their debut into print, there are essays by established writers whose names will be familiar to Ipswich Town fans and football supporters in general.

Written by Seán Salter, Stuart Hellingsworth, Sarah Rogers, Alasdair Ross, Emma Corlett, Grant Bage, Gavin Barber, Rob Freeman, Susan Gardiner, Hannah Sibley, Chris Rand, Stephen Moore, Adam Green

ISBN: 9780995539648 Paperback
Price: £10.00
Published on: 29 September 2017


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