Frank Soo biography published in November


We are pleased to annouce that The Wanderer: the Story of Frank Soo by Susan Gardiner will be published on 14 November 2016.

Frank Soo is in many ways the forgotten man of twentieth century football. In his time he was a household name, his life chronicled by national newspapers in Britain and, on occasions, around the world. He had a successful club football career, playing for many years alongside Stanley Matthews for Stoke City. He played for England nine times and captained the RAF team during the Second World War. He appeared as a guest player for Everton, Newcastle United, Chelsea, Brentford and Millwall, and after the war played for Leicester City, Luton Town and Chelmsford City. His later career as a football manager, mainly in Scandinavia, included spells as the coach of both Norway and Sweden and he took Djurgårdens IF to the top of the Allsvenskan, the highest football league in Sweden. Among the many clubs he managed were the Italian side Padova, AIK in Sweden and Scunthorpe United. A pioneer in many ways, Frank Soo was the first person from a Chinese or Asian background to play for England and remains the only one to this day. Whatever the reasons for Frank Soo’s disappearance from the narrative of football history, this book is an attempt to rekindle interest in a significant figure who was a hugely admired and skilful footballer, a charming and charismatic man, and a role model for any aspiring young player, now as much as he was during his lifetime.

Susan Gardiner is a full-time writer who lives in Suffolk. Formerly an academic librarian, she has published several books, as well as articles about football, social history and the history of popular culture. Her first book was Ipswich Town: A History about the football club she supports. She has an MA in Literature, History and Culture (Southampton, 2001).

The book will be sold via Amazon, Waterstones & many other booksellers.

Hardcover £25.00 ISBN 978-0- 9955396-0-0

Paperback £9.95 ISBN 978-0-9955396-1-7

ePub £5.00 ISBN 978-0-9955396-2-4

PDF £5.00 ISBN 978-0-9955396-3-1



One thought on “Frank Soo biography published in November”

  1. For those of you who are interested in Chinese-British History:

    Please also find the book and website of:

    The Chinese Labour Corp: WWI Theatre

    By: Gregory James. (A comprehensive novel.)

    Another books on this subject is by:

    2nd Lt. Daryl Klein

    “With the Chinks.”

    Available online and from the Imperial War Museum.


    Please also study Frank Soo ‘s older brother Donald Soo
    Who was a hero in the RAF during WWII.


    Also the ‘CMM’ Chinese Military Mission who was based in Piccadilly, London During WWII. And the ‘Tulip Force 204’. Western Allied troops who helped out the Chinese during WWII.

    And finally a very forgotten hero:

    4 star US general during WWII:-

    ‘Vinegar Joe’ STILWELL.

    General: Joseph Warren Stilwell.

    Leader in the CBI campaign WWII:- China-Burma-India.


    Chinese-British people are grossly under represented in the mainstream British media…..(I mean name me one British-Chinese actor ‘male or female’ who is based in the UK!)

    Even though our population in the UK is estimated to be well over beyond 400,000… you see a Chinese face in East Enders or Corrie?!!

    Thx for reading….



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